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The Wishing Tree

A quirky little wishing tree.  Most common wishes can be found in the tree.  The wishes include:  peace, love, intellect, family, happy home (or house), happiness, prosperous at work, money, time, holiday,and health.

Created with pastels and coloured pencil.  

Original - Still Available

The Original is still available and currently in a "White Frame   There is a choice at check out for a black frame also. To purchase this item CLICK THE LINK ABOVE or browse the "ORIGINAL PICTURES section in our "WEB STORE"

Limited Edition Signed Prints

All Limited Edition Prints are "Giclee" printed and personally signed by myself.  Limited Edition means that  only the amount specified will ever be Giclee printed in that edition.  Giclee Printing is a process in which archival inks are used to print the image.  These inks will ensure that the picture will not show any signs of fading for at least 100 years

Open Prints

The Open prints are an open edition of this picture and are a smaller size.  There is no limit on how many get printed. Open prints have also been "Giclee Printed".