Veronika Pock - Artist

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I am a self taught Artist.  About 4 years ago i discovered I could draw.  Since then I haven't stopped.  Each morning I awake, get the kids off to school and then run and grab my pencils and make beautiful pictures. At first I didn't truly believe in myself, but since I have started selling pictures I (which was a new career and adventure for me in 2014) I have gained confidence in my ability to draw, paint and capture what i think people like.

I have this infectious quality to add meaning and sentimental elements to my pictures.  My pictures are very whimsical and I like to make them positive.  I am a total romantic, so many of pictures are oozing love and happiness.

I adore trees and nature and find a lot of my work includes such subjects.  Not sure what my style is, but I think i have have found my own little way of doing things.

I hope you enjoy my work - it certainly makes me smile and feel happy.

See me at Stratford Upon Avon's Waterside Market every Sunday from March through to December.


April to December

The Waterside Market is a lovely market that has an array of handmade and quality stalls ranging from Artist pictures, bags, jewellery, unusual items and even homemade cakes and fudge.



End of March - December


Feb - End of March